Bike Action Plan Update: Protected Bikeway Network

Update: Bike Action Plan Amendment was adopted unanimously by City Council on 10/13/20

The 2011 Bike Action plan provided a 5-year and 20-year road map for developing Santa Monica’s bicycle network. At that time protected bicycle lanes were not yet well-known in the United States. This Amendment provides an update to the Bike Action Plan that builds on the 20-year vision by updating corridors to protected bike lanes. The Amendment was developed following the same goals and objectives of the Bike Action Plan, but with an updated approach to meet the needs of Santa Monica today. The Amendment creates a path forward for Santa Monica to build a network of protected bikeways citywide in the next five years, compete for outside grant funding, and to continue progress towards the community’s climate, safety, and mobility goals, and build resilience in these uncertain economic times.

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Bike Action Plan Amendment adopted by City Council 10/13/20

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