Broadway Safety Project



This project will improve safety and comfort for thousands of people who travel along the corridor by foot, bike, scooter, transit, and motor-vehicle every day. The corridor, which sees the highest bicycle ridership east & west in the City, will be resurfaced, restriped, and upgraded to a protected bicycle facility for the section of Broadway between 16th and 20th streets. Additionally, crossing enhancements will be added to 10th, 12th, Euclid, 15th, 16th, and 18th streets.  The project will be implemented in coordination with Public Works as part of scheduled repaving, creating a more efficient and lower cost process. This project accomplishes the City Council Framework Priority of Mobility and Access by enhancing safety and improving the comfort level for bicyclists of all ages.





Project Elements


The pavement condition and line striping of the roadway needs to be refreshed. This repaving project provides the opportunity to address these issues, and add design treatments to increase safety and reduce areas of conflict.


Protected bike lanes create a designated space on the street for a person riding a bicycle that is physically separated from traffic and pedestrian activity. They create a clear and sensible environment for users on foot, on bicycles, on scooters, or in cars and provides more time and space for everyone to see and react to one another. Just like the existing bike lanes, the new protected bike lane will use green paint near to highlight conflict zones. The existing bicycle lanes west of 16th Street and east of 20th street will be maintained.


The new bicycle lanes will change the way you exit your car after parking. Park or stop your vehicle in marked parking stalls or loading zones to the left of the buffer zone area and bicycle lane. This new design creates a barrier of protection for bicyclists and other shared mobility users. The design prioritizes the retention of on-street parking spaces to the greatest extent possible, while maintaining safety. However, there will be a loss of approximately four non-metered parking spaces


In addition to the bike lane work, new crosswalks will be marked at 15th Street and 18th Street. These two locations were identified through the community feedback process and are able to be included in this work.  The existing crosswalks at 10th, 12th, and 16th Streets will be upgraded to the latest sign and marking standards.  The crosswalk at Euclid Street adjacent to Pluralistic School 1 will receive enhanced markings and signs consistent with treatments adjacent to school locations. 


Presentations & Milestones

Estimated Date of Implementation: Mid March to Early April 2020

Project Downloads

Bike Action Plan