Wilshire Safety Study


The Wilshire Safety Study was presented to City Council February 11, 2020 and formally adoptedcheck out the presentation and Wilshire Boulevard Safety Study and Appendix.

Wilshire Boulevard serves as an important multi-modal mixed-use corridor both within the City of Santa Monica and as part of the larger regional transportation system. It serves a local commercial function for people living in adjacent neighborhoods, and safe crossing is crucial for people walking to and from their homes, jobs, stores, and restaurants. Staff identified Wilshire Boulevard as a priority corridor where a disproportionate amount of fatal and severe traffic related injuries are occurring, with six fatalities and 29 severe injuries occurring over an 11-year period along the 2.4 mile stretch of roadway that lies within City limits. Four of the intersections along Wilshire Boulevard were identified as within the City's top ten intersections with the highest occurrence of severe injury and fatal crashes.

Beginning in Spring 2019, the City worked with partners to listen to local community members and investigate safety issues for all two and a half miles of Wilshire in Santa Monica between Ocean and Centinela avenues. The study findings and recommendations were presented to and adopted by City Council in February 2020. The City currently has funding for the design and implementation of the first phase of safety enhancements, and staff will be immediately moving forward to install these improvements. Staff intends to pursue several applicable grant sources to fund the next phases of improvements.


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