Santa Monica Annual Report

We’ve had an incredible year of getting things done in Santa Monica. Beyond delivering an array of services, the City is focused on fostering community, protecting the planet, championing lifelong learning, nurturing health, and encouraging a diverse economy.

Explore this snapshot of the last year to find out what makes Santa Monica a sustainable city of wellbeing, and read below to learn more about the City's efforts to create a more efficient government that works for everyone. To join the conversation, connect with the City of Santa Monica on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to SaMoNews to get an email newsletter packed with news, events, and opportunities to take action.

Launched in 2018, the Citywide Dashboard provides up to data towards key outcomes. The dashboard includes data towards over seventy metrics, organized towards the achievement of seven key outcomes:

  • Connected and Engaged Community
  • Lifelong Opportunities for Personal Growth
  • Resilient Built and Natural Environment
  • A Safe Place for All
  • Inclusive, Affordable and Diverse Local Economy
  • Physical, Mental, and Environmental Health
  • Reliable, Effective, and Efficient Government


Data is updated on a quarterly basis to provide up-to-date information to the community on the City’s progress in achieving key outcomes. In addition to simply providing the data, the dashboard also provides the story behind the numbers, including a narrative and images which explain what the metric is and why it’s important. The dashboard is also an engagement tool and provides opportunities for community members to get involved in our efforts to achieve these outcomes. Starting in Fiscal Year 2018-2019, the data contained in the dashboard will be highlighted through the AnnualReport