Annenberg Community Beach House Artists in Residence


  • Analisa Raya-Flores

    October – December, 2019

    Writer-in-Residence Analisa Raya-Flores is a writer, performer, and musician. As the daughter of a migrant worker turned judge and an English teacher turned lawyer, she’s continually exploring what it means to be defined by ethnicity and class. As a queer Latinx artist, she’s inspired to create work about invisibility, identity politics and the representation of minorities in modern mythology. Her fiction can be found in Monkeybicycle, Glimmer Train, and EntropyMag. She can be seen live at the Lyric Hyperion, where she performs as half of the drag-comedy duo UrchinPop.

    Her Beach House project is a solo performance titled The Legend of Graham Canyon, inspired by historical accounts of One-Eyed Charley Parkhurst (who dressed and lived as a male stagecoach driver in 1800s California) and the famous “male-impersonation” performers of the Victorian Era music halls

    It’s Analisa's aim to illuminate the everyday traumas, stresses, and neuroses of Otherness, and to make them accessible and relatable to a diverse audience. Also, she’ll make you laugh. She lives, works, and worries in Los Angeles.

    Join Analisa for her final project at the Beach House, her one-person play, "The Legend of Graham Canyon." The piece is inspired by gangs of the Old West and male impersonators of Victorian-era music halls. In an hour’s time, the audience watches as a folktale is made and un-made, as an identity is constructed and de-constructed. Why do we love the un-masking of a legendary person? Are the identity politics of today really so different from those 100 years ago? Join us for the premiere of this unique theatrical experience Saturday, December 7th a@ 7:00 pm. The event is free but reservations are requested:

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  • Paola Escobar

    July - October, 2019

    Choregrapher-in-Residence Paola Escobar is a Colombian artist who creates transcultural work that combines her Latin-American background with her interest in the flamenco tradition, African culture, and contemporary art. Escobar's work reflects on memory and cultural identity, and deals with current issues of immigration, hierarchies of power, and cultural perception. Escobar has toured and performed in France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, United States, and Colombia. In 2005, Escobar received the Colombian National Award. Escobar holds an MFA in Choreography from CalArts, and a BFA in Performance from the University of Florida. Read an interview with Paola here.

    Culminating performances: Darning and Patching without a Nail












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