Beach Dances

Jay Carlon, Four Triangles, performed during Beach Dances, June 2018

A week of dance on the sand

An annual celebration of dance in the midst of the daily life of the Annenberg Community Beach House. Beach House guests and passersby are invited to participate in workshops and view open rehearsals and performances with local choreographers. While the artists work, you are invited into an open-air glimpse of the rehearsal room – and a new perspective on the movements of beachgoers around you. 

Image: Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow and company rehearsing during Beach Dances, featuring Alexandria Diaz de Fato, Jonathan Stanley, Sam McReynolds and Genna Moroni, 2018. Photo by Jason Abraham.

All events held at:

Annenberg Community Beach House
415 Pacific Coast Hwy
Santa Monica, CA 90402