Annenberg Community Beach House Gallery Exhibitions

A group of people indoors, looking at art on the walls


Exhibition theme "activism." 


Exhibition theme "collective memory and celebration." 

  • On and Off the Street

    Image: Cindy Bendat, Flag Woman: L.A. Woman's March, 2017

    January 21 - April 30, 2019

    Curated by M. Robert Markovich.

    Featured artists are Philip Adam, Cindy Bendat, Tommi Cahill, M. Robert Markovich, Douglas McCulloh, and William Purcell.

    An exhibition of street photography examining the blurred lines of overlapping public, private and personal space.

  • And then there is California.

    a woman posing with a papier-mache horse.
    Image: Kelly Wall, Dusty Cheeks (still)

    May 4 - September 2, 2019

    May 12, 12-5pm: Opening Reception & Performance with frankendee and Chloe Levaillant
    July 12, 2-5pm: Painting Workshop for Adults and Youth with Kira Doutt and Shane Rothe
    July 27, 6-7pm: Video Screening of short works by Kelly Wall, Hanieh Khatibi and Beck+Col

    Curated by Beck+Col.

    Featured artists: Santiago Acero, Alia Ali, Diego Barrientos, Kira Doutt, Philipp Farra, lydon frank, Hanieh Khatibi, Serena Himmelfarb, Chloe Levaillant, Alicia Piller and Kelly Wall.

    This group of artists from all over the globe have adopted the Los Angeles coast as their home, drawn to the Southern California beach for its unique place within the physical and cultural landscape of America. Moving to this location sparked investigations into what it means to be a part of such a diverse community of people, and the coastal environment has become an integral part of their practices. The exhibited works reflect on artists’ interactions with the land and seascape and celebrate the intersections of the many unique cultures of Los Angeles, playing with the Beach House’s historical roots in popular culture and its beautiful setting.

  • Memories of Diaspora: Immigration Narratives of Los Angeles by Art Division

    Art Division Memories of Diaspora image

    On view: September 7, 2019 - January 5, 2020

    September 28, 6-8pm: Opening Reception with music

    Curated by Art Division Executive Director Dan McCleary, Director of Painting and Drawing Luis Serrano and Assistant to the Director, Dagmar Brown

    Featured artists are: Javier Carrillo, Emmanuel Galvéz, Katherine Garcia, Alex “Otiswoods” Gonzalez, Hiroko Hata, Stephanie Hernandez, Sade Jones, Dr. Lakra, Peter Liashkov, Sandra Maldonado, Luis Mateo, Alicia Lopez Mendoza, Fernando Olivera, Roberto Ortíz, Guillermo Perez, Daniela Ram, Diego Rodarte, Artemio Rodriguez, Jeremy Saborio, Rebecca Souvannarath, Federico, Valdez, and Yesck.

    The unbroken horizon between ocean and sky is one of the most iconic images of Los Angeles. For those of us born and raised in California, the horizon is part of our everyday life, we may take for granted as just another beautiful view in our home city. For the thousands of immigrants who have come to Los Angeles over generations, the horizon over the Pacific Ocean is a symbol of hope, freedom, and the promise of new life.

  • Outside Looking In: An Exhibition of Artists Facing Homelessness

    Outside Looking In

    On view: January 16, 2020 - April 27, 2020

    January 16, 2020, 6:30-8:30pm Opening Reception

    Co-curated by Jasmine Monet Davis and Emma Thorne-Christy

    On display from January 16 at the Annenberg Community Beach House Art Gallery will be an exhibit co-curated by photographer Jasmine Monet Davis, who was previously homeless in her own life, and graphic designer Emma Thorne-Christy. The exhibit will feature the life of Arlene, a working nurse practitioner and single mother of four kids (ages 3-17), who lives in motel rooms across the San Fernando Valley while trying to maintain some sense of routine and normalcy for her children. The exhibition will also feature self-exploratory works from young artists experiencing homelessness who are based at the Healing Arts Program at Safe Place for Youth in Venice. The opening reception will focus on the artists and the community and will include a panel discussion on homelessmness and how the public can help. Beach=Culture is a program of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs #ArtSaMo. Reservations for the opening event are not required, but if you register for this program you consent to receiving occasional email about cultural events from