Artist in Residence Final Exhibit

Chuck Hohng and Matt Reynolds:

New Works  

Santa Monica Cultural Affairs is proud to present Chuck Hohng and Matt Reynolds: New Works, the culminating exhibit of work created between June and August 2020 as part of their residencies at the Camera Obscura Art Lab.  During their studio residencies, Chuck Hohng and Matt Reynolds meditated on making “the concrete” both kinetic and pliable and examined ideas of cultural heritage and identity, structures of authority and supremacy, origin stories, tradition and evolution. For his Ghotjip Series, Chuck Hohng designed traditional Korean funeral clothes and funeral rituals inspired by hanboks. In reference to the pandemic we are living through, Ghotjip, a community housing unit for hearses in Korea, was a sacred place of bonding between the family of the deceased and the towns people who helped them grieve. In addition to his Ghotjip Series, Chuck employed the traditional Korean theater forms, Talchum and Madangnori in developing Norujoen, a performance piece exploring the Korean diaspora in conjunction with oral histories of the Korean War. Matt continued his exploration of animated sculpture, integrating the tactile corporeality of his previous sculptural work with animated motion. During the residency Matt experimented with salvaged packaging and building materials to create hybrid forms that live somewhere between the familiar urban landscape of Los Angeles and the realm of cartoons.

Matt Reynolds: In the Studio

Guillotine Beat

Patient Frame

Computer Argument

Bounding Block

Lewd #1

Lewd #2

Lewd #3

Lewd #4


Wall (Detail)

Chuck Hohng: Reflections on Ghotjib






Norujeon 1

Norujeon 2

Norujeon 3


Camera Obscura Art Lab Studio Residency

The Studio Residency Program offers artists a glass-walled studio with spectacular ocean views in an iconic, midcentury park building overlooking the Santa Monica Pier, four blocks from the terminus of the Expo line. The City seeks artists and artisans whose work offers the public opportunities for inspiration and skill development through example and online instruction. All disciplines and mediums are considered.

Residency Description

The City of Santa Monica established the Studio Residency Program at the Camera Obscura to support the work of local artists and artisans, highlight the intersection of fine art and craft, and provide the public with access to a variety of artistic practices and instruction in an online workshop format. Each Studio Residency term spans about 14 weeks and three terms are available each year. Two individual artists, OR one collective, OR a combination of individuals and collectives for each term by a panel of arts professionals. An honorarium accompanies the residency. The City offers this opportunity to artists who need a place to create and are invested in sharing their work through online workshops and an online exhibit for public benefit. The residency is open to all artists, artisans and makers who reside in Los Angeles County. A Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued each fall for the coming year.  The link to the RFP will be included in the Santa Monica Cultural Affairs eblast. You can sign up to receive our eblasts by clicking on the Stay-Up-To-Date button at the top of this page.


Matt Reynolds is primarily recognized for his surreal and psychosexually charged work as an animated filmmaker and sculptor. His films (Hot Dog Hands, Sport in the Land of Plenty, Bottom Feeders) have won awards at The San Francisco International Film Festival, The Anim'est International Film Festival in Romania, and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and have screened at such festivals as SXSW, AFI Fest, and the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. He has also designed and directed commissioned work for clients like The Atlantic, Adult Swim, TED Ed, and Fox Sports. As a teaching artist he has taught experimental animation techniques and the principles of "World Building" to a diverse age range of learners (from 4th graders to graduate students at CalArts) around the greater Los Angeles area. Learn more about Matt’s work at

Korean American Artist Chuck Hohng was born in Long Beach, California, but spent most of his early life growing up in his family's native home in South Korea. He received his undergraduate degree in Fine Art from the University of Southern California and received his Master of Fine Arts from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. His work has been exhibited both domestically and internationally including Los Angeles, City of Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, San Francisco, Paris, London, Dubai, Osaka, Gwangju, and Busan. Not willing to settle on just one form of media, his art pieces run the gambit from intricate reductive linoleum prints, to giant 10 foot bears composed of canvas drop cloths and balloons, to haunting videos. His ongoing project Knoxon Dahl, which phonetically means 'Rusted Moon' in Korean, explores multicultural identity, memory and the parallel existence of American and Korean in his cultural consciousness. Learn more about Chuck's work at