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5 Reasons for Embracing Safer at Home

April 5, 2020
by Gleam Davis

5 Reasons for Embracing Safer at Home

Thank you to everyone in the community for being cautious and abiding by the Safer at Home orders. We are still in the critical first few weeks of this illness and continue to see a rise in COVID-19 cases. It will take all of us together to stop the spread and begin our path back to normalcy. 

It’s especially important to remember it may be difficult and dangerous for people enduring domestic violence, not everyone is safer at home. Please call Los Angeles County's Domestic Violence hotline at 800-978-3600 it is available 24/7. Additional resources can also be found at


Here are five reasons to embrace Safer at Home:  

1) You reduce your probability of getting sick.  

COVID-19 is an equal opportunity virus. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do for a living, or whether you have a family to support. The symptoms of COVID-19 commonly include fevers, severe coughing, and difficulty breathing. While some are asymptomatic, it is deadly for others. Staying at home has proved to reduce your risk of illness and is the best way to stem community spread of COVID-19. Here are LA County Public Health’s tips on how to protect yourself from exposure. 

2) You reduce your probability of getting others sick.  

You can be a carrier of COVID-19 even if you are asymptomatic. By staying home, you reduce spreading the virus around our community, protecting the most vulnerable, including seniors and anyone with underlying health conditions who have the highest risk of severe illness or death. By staying home, you are helping to prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed and protecting our essential workers that we rely upon during this challenging time. 

3) You avoid contributing to overcrowding in public spaces.  

Adequate physical distancing can be difficult when we crowd places with unnecessary trips. We all need to leave home for essential activities. Please consider whether each trip you take is essential during this health crisis.  

4) Your community needs you to stay healthy. 

We all have neighbors and have loved ones who are relying on you to be there after we get through COVID-19. Take care of yourself and take time and connect online with friends and neighbors. Not only will this help us get through the COVID-19 pandemic together, it can help keep your spirits high.  

If you are experiencing emotional distress and need crisis counseling or support, you can call the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990. 

5) Not everyone has the ability to stay home.   

There are some services we can’t do without during this crisis. Essential service providers such as disaster responders, public safety employees, food service staff, delivery personnel, and healthcare providers must leave home to support the community. When you stay home, you are helping to protect those who are on the front lines for all of us.  

We understand that some members in our community also may be facing extenuating circumstances that make it hard – or even dangerous – to shelter in place. These circumstances can include homelessness and domestic violence. If you need assistance, we urge you to call us at the City’s COVID-19 hotline, 310-458-8400, for resources to getting you somewhere safe.   


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