A Clean Power Future

January 16, 2019
by Andrew Basmajian

A Clean Power Future

This article originally appeared in the January edition of Seascape

Electricity is essential in our lives and economy. Yet according to the American Lung Association, the production of electricity generates a significant share of our air pollution, threatening the health and lives of millions of people, including those who are most vulnerable.

Making sure our electricity comes from clean and renewable sources is critical to improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. In 2019, 100% Green Power will be delivered to all Santa Monica customers, making going green as easy as turning on the lights! This is possible through the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California, a partnership of 32 local communities including Santa Monica, to directly source renewable energy for our electricity needs.

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) will offer three rate options:

    • 100% Green Power, sourced from 100% renewable energy sources

    • Clean Power, sourced from 50% renewable energy sources

    • Lean Power, sourced from 36% renewable energy sources

All customers will automatically be enrolled in the default option of 100% Green Power chosen by the City, which comes at a slight cost premium. Residential customers will be first served by Clean Power Alliance starting in February 2019. Commercial customers will be served starting May 2019. At any time, customers may opt down to a lower renewable energy rate that is more costcompetitive with Southern California Edison, or opt out of Clean Power Alliance service altogether and stay with Southern California Edison. To opt out or down, contact Clean Power Edison customer service at any time to indicate your preference.

To learn more, visit smgov.net/cleanpower or cleanpoweralliance.org.

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