October 9, 2018 11:45 PM
by Lindsay Barker

This article originally appeared in the October edition of Seascape

October 18, 2018 is the Great California ShakeOut, an opportunity for all Californians to practice earthquake safety actions. Most Californians know that in an earthquake, they should Drop, Cover and Hold On. Drop to the ground, take cover under a table, and hold on to the leg of the table until the shaking stops. But what happens after the shaking? There is no advance warning for earthquakes. Californians must prepare before the shaking starts. Just like a wildfire or hurricane, your level of personal and neighborhood preparedness will contribute to your safety and quality of life in the days that follow.

Building a household disaster kit is the first step. Make it easy and inexpensive. Create a family scavenger hunt to gather items for your kit. Manage costs by buying an extra gallon of water, canned food, or package of batteries each time you go to the grocery store. Here are some basic items to include in your kit. When you’re finished, put the items in an old suitcase or backpack. Then be sure to check your kit and change any expired items at least twice a year. For more disaster kit information, visit smgov.net/OEM.


• 1 gallon of water per person/pet for drinking and household needs

• Non-perishable food that your family will want to eat

• First aid kit to handle minor cuts, sprains and other injuries

• Battery-powered flashlight and radio and the batteries to power them

• Cash in small bills to use if credit card machines and ATMs don’t work

• Bedding, clothing and toiletries to keep you comfortable if you have to spend the night in a shelter or at a friend’s home

• Copies of your ID, passport and insurance cards

• A list of medication prescriptions and medical equipment information

• A list of important contact information including an out-of-state emergency contact

• Any special items for your household members, such as an extra pair of glasses, pet supplies, toys for children, hearing aid batteries, diapers and formula

Authored By

Lindsay Barker
Chief Resilience Officer