Big Blue Bus Graduates its 100th Motor Coach Operator Class!

May 24, 2018
by Lauren Deaderick

Big Blue Bus Graduates its 100th Motor Coach Operator Class!

On May 24, Big Blue Bus (BBB) graduated its 100th Motor Coach Operator (MCO) Trainee Class and welcomed these graduates to the BBB family! To celebrate the 100th class milestone, let’s take a look at how the MCO Training Program started and everything BBB Operators learn to ensure a safe, pleasant, and comfortable ride for our customers.

Class 100 with Safety & Training team founding member Jose Ramirez at graduation.

As part of BBB’s commitment to safety, BBB requires all future MCOs, including those that come from other agencies, to complete a rigorous and award winning (APTA Safety Gold Award 2018) eight-week long safety training program. The modern MCO training program started in 1996, with the creation of BBB’s Safety & Training Team. The team was tasked with overhauling the existing program and ensuring all incoming MCOs learn safety skills and requirements. Prior to 1996, MCOs received training that primarily focused on memorizing each route.

Safety & Training team founding member Miguel Flores in then and now.

The current MCO training program goes beyond route memorization. The program focuses on creating a coordinated and comprehensive learning environment for future MCOs. In addition to classroom sessions and behind-the-wheel training, the program also includes:

  • Guest speakers on topics such as customer service, risk management and driver ergonomics
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) certification
  • Mentorship from Line Instructors
  • Shadowing of Maintenance staff to understand the ins and outs of the bus

Watch a video of about our APTA award winning safety program!

Once training is completed and the final exam is passed, MCOs are ready to start driving our buses. And training doesn’t end there – MCOs continue their safety education throughout their careers by participating in quarterly safety review meetings and an annual eight-hour in-classroom safety recertification. The Safety & Training Team continuously updates its program as needs and requirements change, ensuring that BBB provides the safest ride in town.

Training Class 100 taking an exam.

If you’re interested in joining the BBB family and becoming an MCO, learn more and apply here!

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