Breeze Bike Share is Integrating With Regional Systems Just in Time for Bike Month

April 18, 2018 9:47 AM

Breeze Bike Share presented by hulu is expanding just in time for Bike Month. Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share system will combine with Beverly Hills Bike Share, WeHo Pedals Bike Share, and UCLA’s Bruin Bike Share to form one seamless bike share network available for residents, commuters, and visitors alike.

Curious how this will affect your Breeze Bike Share membership? The City answers your questions about this regional integration:

Question: What is Bike Share Connect? 

Answer: Bike Share Connect is one seamless bike share network, and as a member, you can ride any bike within the existing bike share systems of UCLA (Bruin Bike Share), Santa Monica (Breeze Bike Share), Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills Bike Share) and West Hollywood (WeHo Pedals Bike Share). With 830 bikes at more than 135 hubs, you now have access to more bikes in more places with one membership.

Q: When will it launch?

A: Bike Share Connect will launch on April 23, 2018.

Q: Will this cost more? 

A: Prices will not increase with the launch of this expanded network. There will be no changes to your payment plan, rate or renewal date.

Q: Where can I ride?

A: The Bike Share Connect system area will encompass 35-square miles with 830 GPS-connected smart bikes and 135 hub locations.

Figure 1: System map for the Breeze Bike Share integration.

Q: What changes should I expect?

A: Existing users of Breeze Bike Share, Beverly Hills Bike Share, WeHo Pedals Bike Share and Bruin Bike Share automatically have access to the Bike Share Connect network. The network name and icon in your Social Bicycles app will now say Bike Share Connect, and emails you receive going forward will be from Bike Share Connect.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Nothing. On April 23, your membership will be automatically transferred to the Bike Share Connect network.

Q: User Agreement Updates

A: We've updated our User Agreement to reflect the new Bike Share Connect network. We encourage you to read the full update version.

About Breeze Bike Share and Bike Share Connect

Breeze Bike Share is owned by the City of Santa Monica and is an important component in the City’s overall strategy to offer sustainable vehicle trip alternatives that reduce emissions, and improve mobility, community health, and the overall quality of life in Santa Monica. The regional Bike Share Connect network will give users access to 830 bikes across all four systems (Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and UCLA) with one account. For more information or to join the thousands of riders, visit For more information on multi-modal options in Santa Monica, visit

About Bike Month in Santa Monica

May is Bike Month! With several local events and more bike infrastructure improvements on the horizon, there is lots to get excited about in Santa Monica. The City closed bike network gaps by adding and expanding bike lanes at several locations. Coming later in 2018 the City will install: bike detection at 20 traffic signals, over 1,200 public bike racks, and miles of green paint in existing bike lane throughout the City.

2018 Bike Month will offer numerous opportunities for learners, daily commuters, and recreation riders to get out and ride:

For more information about Bike Month Activities visit:

Additional Questions?

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For more information or to join the thousands of riders, visit

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