Did You Know? A window into our day-to-day work

July 3, 2024 3:38 PM
by Erika Aklufi, Myesha Morrison

Welcome to our Did You Know blog!  We at the SMPD are often asked questions about a multitude of law enforcement related topics affecting our city and region.  Our residents and visitors are curious about: how officers deal with specific criminal issues; how the criminal justice system works; how, when, and why we arrest individuals for crime; how criminal investigations proceed; and what kinds of things keep us busy.  We want to use this space to open a window into what our day-to-day work looks like and maybe, if we’re lucky, drive some additional questions. Check back for updates!  If you have a topic you are interested in, reach out to us at CommunityAffairs@santamonica.gov and we will do our best to address it in future posts.


Zero Bail

Involuntary Mental Health Evaluations/Holds


General Crime/Statistics

Authored By

Erika Aklufi

Myesha Morrison
Public Information Coordinator