Green Pathways Project Nearly Complete at Santa Monica Parks

January 28, 2019 10:55 AM
by Delana Gbenekama

Santa Monica’s Public Works Department installed 115,000 square feet of new decomposed granite pathways at two of the City’s most popular parks, Palisades and Virginia Avenue parks, so walkers, joggers, cyclists and their four-legged friends can enjoy a smooth stroll outdoors. The Civil Engineering Division routinely replaces heavily treaded pathways at public parks as part of its ongoing maintenance efforts.

Both the Palisades Park Access Path Replacement Project and the Virginia Avenue Park Access Path Replacement Project (also known collectively as the Decomposed Granite Pathways Project) were funded by the 2016-18 Capital Improvement Program Budget, which is designated for ongoing infrastructure improvements and major one-time expenses. The Civil Engineering Division completed construction for the Virginia Avenue Park pathway in November 2018. The division finished work for most of the pathway identified for replacement at Palisades Park, which spans Ocean Avenue from Colorado Avenue to San Vicente Boulevard. Staff anticipates completing the remainder of the pathway in February 2019.

“Decomposed granite is level, firm and perfect material for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists,” said Civil Engineering Division, Gene Higginbotham. “It contributes to the natural park atmosphere and experience. It is also cheaper and easier to manufacture compared to concrete and asphalt also it just looks great.”

The newly installed pathways are made of environmentally friendly material called decomposed granite (DG). DG is a naturally broken-down organic material made of crushed rock. To learn more about how DG is installed, watch our video to see the process.


Authored By

Delana Gbenekama
Communications and Marketing Coordinator