Green Power Goes Commercial in Santa Monica on May 1

April 24, 2019
by Garrett T. Wong

Green Power Goes Commercial in Santa Monica on May 1

Beginning Wednesday, May 1, Santa Monica businesses will receive 100 percent green power from the Clean Power Alliance, the energy provider designated by the City of Santa Monica and 31 other jurisdictions in Los Angeles and Ventura counties to provide clean energy to three million new customers.

The switch will be imperceptible as the electricity delivery and billing system remains with Southern California Edison, yet the change will mark the single most effective climate-friendly action the City of Santa Monica has initiated, ever. Taken together, green power for both the business and residential community could reduce community-wide carbon emissions by a whopping 20 percent.

Santa Monica businesses account for 75 percent of community-wide electricity demand. By switching to 100 percent green power, Santa Monica businesses will continue to be innovative leaders while significantly driving down greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

In 2019, SCE will offer its approximately 34% renewable energy in its portfolio, which includes fossil fuels and nuclear power. Instead, businesses will have the choice of three Clean Power Alliance energy product tiers – all of them derived from non-fossil fuel, non-nuclear, and plans offer the highest percentage of green power possible on the grid today.

  • 100% Green Power is sourced exclusively from renewable energy sources at a 7-9% premium, relative to SCE’s 2019 rates. This is the default for all commercial customers, unless they opt down.

  • 50% Clean Power is sourced from 50% renewable energy sources and 50% non-fossil fuel sources. Clean Power is cost competitive with SCE’s 2019 rates.

  • 36% Lean Power is sourced from 36% renewable energy sources and 64% non-fossil fuel sources. Lean Power offers a slight discount (1-2%) compared to SCE’s 2019 rates.

Clean Power Alliance has secured long-term renewable energy agreements to offer stable and competitive rates for Santa Monica customers. Customers can switch freely between the tiers without restriction.

Solar customers will be able to continue to receive credits for excess energy generation from CPA at a rate 10 percent higher than SCE’s. 

Santa Monica commercial customers will start at the 100% Green Power tier but can choose the Clean Power Alliance tier that’s right for them or opt out completely. To speak with a Clean Power Alliance customer service representative, call 888-585-3788 or email To learn more about the Clean Power Alliance, visit

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