How to Beat the Summer Heat in Santa Monica

August 29, 2022 4:21 PM
by Lindsay B. Call

When the June Gloom fog lifts, it’s time for Santa Monicans to prepare for summer sunshine and rising temperatures. Extreme heat (two or three days of high heat with temperatures 90 degrees) may occur—during these events, the body has to work harder to maintain normal temperature. Make sure you are prepared and work with your neighbors to ensure everyone stays healthy when temperatures soar.

Tips to Keep Cool During Santa Monica’s Summer Months:

✔️ Stay Hydrated

✔️ Never Leave People or Pets Alone in Closed Vehicles

✔️ Stay Indoors as Much as Possible and Limit Exposure to the Sun

✔️ Take Steps to Prepare Your Home if You Don't Have Air Conditioning

✔️ Check on Family, Friends, and Neighbors

✔️ Find Places in the Community to Stay Cool

Be Prepared and Learn More:

Authored By

Lindsay B. Call
Chief Resilience Officer