Keeping Our Community Clean During COVID-19

August 24, 2020 3:30 PM
by Susan Cline

The COVID-19 health emergency has forced us to make many changes including our home base for work and attending school. Each essential worker on our Public Works team is committed to keeping our community clean during this challenging time. Regular trash and recycling collection continues on scheduled days and has not changed with recent City reorganization. However, the patterns of our daily lives have shifted. Safer at home orders require many of us to work from home, eat to-go meals, and shop online. This means more trash, to-go containers, and shipping boxes. We all want a clean, safe Santa Monica, and here are three easy ways you can help:  

  1. Pack it in & Pack it out! One easy way to get some fresh air and Vitamin D is to visit one of our beautiful public parks or beachfront. If you bring food items, remember to help keep our public spaces clean and throw trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers. If they are full, take your waste with you and dispose of it at home. If you can, consider reusable containers because they don’t create trash and aligns with our zero waste goals.
  2. See it & Report it! No one likes overflowing trash or recycling cans, especially us. If you see a can that needs to be serviced, let us know through the Santa Monica Works app ( so we can schedule a pick-up. It’s quick, easy, and trackable. 
  3. Be a good neighbor! So many of us are buying things we need online. Breaking down packing boxes helps conserve space so we can fit more in our recycling bins and avoid messy piles. Also, don’t forget to schedule bulky item pick-ups. They are included with your trash service and can make a big difference in alleys and on street curbs. Request an appointment today by email at, call us at 310.458.2223, or tell us through the Santa Monica Works app (iPhone or Android).  

For more information on Santa Monica’s waste management and tips on what you can do to keep Santa Monica clean read our COVID-19 Waste Management Fact Sheet or visit 

Authored By

Susan Cline
Director of Public Works