Celebrate Earth Day With Kidical Mass

April 10, 2019
by Cory Keen

Celebrate Earth Day With Kidical Mass

The click of clasping helmets, the whirr of wheels rolling along the pavement, and the sight of dozens of families cruising down Santa Monica’s streets on two wheels… It’s all part of Kidical Mass — an event that takes place five times a year in which scores of families take to the streets by bike.

The event aims to introduce kids, parents, siblings, and guardians to a sustainable, eco-friendly mode of transportation, while equipping them with the proper knowledge and techniques that will keep them safe on the road.

The family-friendly ride is co-hosted by Santa Monica Spoke — a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving walking and biking in the city — and Safe Routes to School — a partnership between the city, the school district, and the Parent Teacher Association


Picking Up Critical Skills At Kidical Mass

In Santa Monica, we’re working hard to build a community that’s healthy and sustainable — one that our children can enjoy for years to come That’s why events like Kidical Mass are so invaluable; they equip our kids with skills that’ll serve them well in the future — skills that encourage active lifestyles and eco-conscious behavior.

Kidical Mass also equips our kids with safety skills. The family-friendly ride is a perfect opportunity to model safe biking behavior, while teaching kids the rules of the road, and each ride begins with a bike safety check to make sure all equipment is in proper working order.

This focus on safety squares with Santa Monica’s Take the Friendly Road community education effort— our city’s commitment to reach zero traffic-related fatalities and injuries. Education is a key part of our campaign, and educating our kids is just as important as educating ourselves. When we all know — and follow — the laws put in place to keep us safe on the road, we can drastically reduce the risk of serious crashes.


Staying Safe… And Having Fun!

Staying safe and saving the planet are serious business… but Kidical Mass makes it a lot of fun. It’s a great way to make new friends and meet neighbors while getting some fresh air and exercise, and we always have snacks and drinks on hand (including coffee!). We also have creative activities in store once we return from our bike ride.


It’s Time To Get Those Wheels Turning… on April 20th

The next Kidical Mass is coming up soon! Join us at Memorial Park on Earth Day — April 20, 2019. We’ll meet at the 14th Street entrance at 9am set out for a 2-mile ride at 10am.

The theme is The Lorax so feel free to dress up in your favorite Seuss-inspired attire!

When we return, we’ll have treats, Earth Day decorating activities, and a tour of the community gardens on Park Drive between Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard.

If your kids have bikes, but you don’t, you can check one out from any Breeze Bike hub.

Remember to bring your helmets and that children must be accompanied by adults


RSVP to cory.keen@smgov.net by April 19th so we know you’re coming!

Kidical Mass:

April 20th, 2019 at 9am

Meet at Memorial Park, 14th St. entrance

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