Sidewalk and Pier Vendor Highlights

April 6, 2022 9:25 AM
by Miranda Iglesias

For more than 30 years, Santa Monica has supported vending and has had vending programs in place to create viable pathways for small business owners to thrive through food trucks, licensed carts on the Pier and Third Street Promenade, and stalls at the City's famous farmers markets. Get to know some of the local, permitted vendors by reading their success stories below.

Alex's Flowers

Alejandro is a long-time Los Angeles resident who recently opened his own business, Alex’s Flowers, after the pandemic.

Soon after securing a vendor permit from the City, Alejandro began selling bundles of flowers, long-stem roses, balloons, and light-up toys from his portable cart along Santa Monica’s busy downtown streets.

Alejandro sources his flowers from a local market in Downtown Los Angeles and spends time preparing the bundles to be sold. Alejandro has hopes to expand his business to more carts in the future, but for now he is pleased with the success thus far of Alex’s Flowers. You can find Alex’s Flowers during the weekends along Broadway and the Third Street Promenade – be sure to stop by to support local vendors like Alejandro.

LA Break Squad

Rogelio has been a street performer for over 15 years. He started the LA Break Squad, a dance crew that performs on the Santa Monica Pier as well as other places around Los Angeles. Rogelio has renewed his vending permit for the past five years.

The LA Break Squad especially enjoys performing on the Pier because the influx of families and kids make his job fun. He met his crew at dance competitions and through performing around the region. Being on the Pier changed his life and he hopes to continue with the LA Break Squad for as long as he can. His favorite part of street performing is seeing the smiles on families' faces when they’re performing.

Pedroza Arts

Luis has been in the vending business since 1994 – he’s been a vendor all his life and over the last few years, he’s turned it into a family business with his wife and daughter. Luis began his career as a painter and he sold his art mainly at county fairs across the state. Over the years, he’s added other items like keychains, necklaces, and face masks - all of which his family makes by hand.

Pedroza Arts operates two merchandise carts on the weekends in Santa Monica at Palisades Park. The Pedroza family hope to keep growing their business and renewing their permits each year.

The City of Santa Monica offers a variety of opportunities designed for sidewalk vending designed to prioritize public health and safety and expand economic opportunities for entrepreneurs. Through the permitted vending program, vendors can apply for a City of Santa Monica business license and if applicable, a vending permit to sell any items in the City. Vendors selling food must also obtain and display a Los Angeles County Department of Public Health permit. To learn more about the permitted vending program, visit

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Miranda Iglesias
Public Information Coordinator


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