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Prepare Your Holiday Feasts at Santa Monica's Farmers Markets without Your Car

November 20, 2017 4:54 PM
by Jack Moreau

Prepare Your Holiday Feasts at Santa Monica's Farmers Markets without Your Car

With the holidays at our doorstep, it’s time to take a turkey trot to the store to fill up on supplies for grandma’s famous recipes. Santa Monica coordinates four farmers markets every week, rain or shine, to get you the freshest, highest quality food in California. Locals get all the perks because getting to the farmers markets is easy, with or without your car. Purvey the Brussels sprouts and fresh cut rosemary while you stroll by the ocean then grab the bus home to begin your prep. Santa Monica provides free valet for your bicycle at every farmers market, so make it a family affair while you teach the kiddos how to ride.

Interested in giving it a run? Get the directions to your farmers market in the instructions below.

November 22 will likely be the busiest day at the farmers’ market all year as every last-minute chef grabs the remaining ingredients for their feast. Be prepared for smoking deals and special treats that will make your shared meal #yum. Bike lanes on California Ave. run from Ocean Ave. to 17th St., Main/2nd St. from Montana Ave. to Venice, and Arizona Ave. From Ocean to Centinela. Free bike valet is available on Arizona Ave. at 4th St. and the nearest Breeze Bike Share stations are on Arizona Ave. at Ocean Ave., 2nd St., and 4th St.  Take Big Blue Bus routes 2 and 9 to Arizona/4th; routes 1, 3, 5, 10 or 18 to Santa Monica/4th; route 7 to Colorado/4th; or route 8 to Broadway/4th. Hop off the Metro Expo Line at Downtown Santa Monica station and walk up the 3rd Street Promenade until you arrive at Arizona Avenue.

Vegan, veggie, carnivore, or gluten free? No matter how you like to eat, all food sold at Santa Monica farmers’ markets is certified by the city to ensure only the most organic, humane, and environmentally-friendly products are available. Ride your bike to the park on the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway (via Virginia Ave. or 22nd St.) or the lanes on Pearl St. As usual, free bike valet is there for you and the nearest Breeze Bike Share station is in the park at Pico Blvd. and 22nd St. Ride Big Blue Bus route 7 to Pico/23; Rapid 7 to Pico/17th or Pico/28th; or route 41-42 to Delaware/20th. The nearest stop on the Expo Line is Bergamot Station, a 10 minute walk via Cloverfield Blvd. 

Not preparing the whole holiday feast? No problem. The farmers’ markets are also great places to pick up gifts for your hosts or an item to ship to family too far to visit. Ride your bike to the Main Street farmers’ market on Main Street bike lanes or take the scenic route via the beach bike path. Bike valet is available to all customers and the nearest Breeze Bike Share station is on Main Street at Ocean Park Blvd. Hop on Big Blue Bus routes 1 and 8 to Main St./Ocean Park Blvd. or route 18 to Ocean Park/4th. Debark the Expo Line at Downtown Santa Monica station for a leisurely 10 minute stroll down Main St.

Have fun these holidays, and be safe on the streets. For more information on tasty recipes, world-class farms, and benefits the city has to offer, check out the local T-Giving Guide.

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