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Santa Monica Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs (Part 6 in a Series)

August 4, 2020 9:00 AM
by Linda Cogswell

Santa Monica Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs (Part 6 in a Series)

We recently interviewed a variety of Black-owned Business Owners in Santa Monica to hear their unique story and perspectives.  Read on to hear about these small business owners throughout our City and how the Santa Monica community can provide support.  This is Part 6 in a series. If you are a Santa Monica business, and you’d like to add your story, email   

On a related note, the City of Santa Monica is working with community members to create a Black Agenda as part of our commitment to equity across our city.  Get involved and find out more>>

Consider Yourself Family at Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop III (Part 6 in a Series)

Xavier and Tamara are a husband and wife team committed to the care and wellbeing of their clients, employees, and community. Read more about their story and unique perspective about owning a business in Santa Monica>> 

Business Name:  Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop III  

Business Owner:  Xavier and Tamara 

Brief History:  Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop III is the latest iteration of a barbershop originally established in 1942 when Mr. Collins first opened “Hair Broadway” in Santa Monica. Throughout the shop’s 60+ years in operation and inevitable changes, including a relocation across the street to its current location at 18th/Broadway, the barbershop now known as Cuttin’ Up! remains a beloved local business and enduring neighborhood hub and community resource.  

What types of products/services do you offer?  Cuttin' Up! Barbershop is an old school barbershop with new school flair. A full-service barbershop offering an array of services for men and women, the Cuttin Up! team are Master Barbers skilled in a diversity of hair types and catering to multi-ethnic clientele. Services offered include razor shaves, taper fades, and trendy styles for men and color treatment, relaxers, weaves, and extensions for women. 

Why did you decide to open a business here? Established in 1980, Xavier owned multiple Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop locations in Los Angeles and decided to open a third location in Santa Monica when one of his clients who was an investigator with the Santa Monica Police Department shared the news that the only black-owned barbershop in Santa Monica was being sold. Xavier purchased the business and reopened as Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop III in 2000.  

Interesting Facts About Your Business:  Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop’s current location at 1802 Broadway is a place of significance within the history of the Black community in Santa Monica. During the early establishment of the Black community in Santa Monica between approximately 1900-1977, cultural and religious institutions, clubs, and organizations were established to serve the growing population. In 1958, the women’s Philomathean Charity Club was established at 1802 Broadway to serve the Black community. The Philomathean Charity Club remains active today and awards college and university scholarships to high school graduates every year. 

How can the Santa Monica community support you and other Black owned businesses?  Saying “hi” and sharing more love! Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and reenergize. Let Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop enhance your look and uplift your spirit with a team that cares about you.  

What information do you want the Santa Monica community to know?  Cuttin’ Up! Barbershop is a “family-oriented barbershop” caring for the wellbeing of their clients, youth and seniors in the neighborhood, people experiencing homelessness, and employees, some of which have been with the shop for 15+ years. Xavier and Tamara take pride in giving back to their community—Xavier volunteers as a basketball coach with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica and provides free haircuts to people experiencing homelessness and Tamara is a contributing writer for the Santa Monica Star and founder of Fin Lit, an organization focused on increasing financial literacy and wellness among Blacks.  

Location:  1802 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Website

Phone Number:  310.461.9053  

Hours of operation:  10am-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm Sat, Closed Sun

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