Santa Monica Businesses Recognized for Environmental Excellence at 2019 Sustainable Quality Awards

May 4, 2019
by Andrew Basmajian

Santa Monica Businesses Recognized for Environmental Excellence at 2019 Sustainable Quality Awards

Photo Credit: Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce 

Every year for the past 24 years, the Sustainable Quality Awards (SQAs) has celebrated Santa Monica businesses that demonstrate the importance of economic vitality, social equity and environmental protection in their business model. Winning businesses are not just doing great things to protect the environment, but they are also being responsible to their employees and giving back to the community.

Congratulations to the eight Santa Monica businesses who won coveted awards at the 2019 lunchtime ceremony:

Grand Prize Winners

Excellence in Economic Development

Excellence in Social Responsibility

Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment

When accepting the award for excellence in stewardship of the environment, Dr. Ben Drati, superintendent of SMMUSD stated, “We at SMMUSD believe the future of the world can be shaped through public education. We serve over 11,000 students. Imagine if they’re educated on these practices, we can multiply that effect. They can impact the world.” And that is the idea of the sustainability movement: the coordination of all the sectors of the community to move in the same direction to protect future generations. 

The SQAs is a partnership between the City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, and Sustainable Works. As the longest-running and most rigorous sustainable business award program, the SQAs has recognized 157 businesses with over 198 awards since its inception in 1995. The majority of SQA winners take a first step by participating in the Green Business Program, a FREE service offered to Santa Monica businesses by the City of Santa Monica’s in conjunction with Sustainable Works, a local non-profit organization.

While only eight businesses were celebrated from the stage at the 2019 ceremony, Santa Monica’s business community as a whole continues to push the envelope for a more sustainable future. In fact, the beginning of May marks the start of one of the single most effective climate actions our business community can take to date – switching to 100% green power. Our businesses account for 75% of our electricity demand and, with the flip of a switch, they will seamlessly transition to green power that is free of fossil and nuclear fuel. This new energy initiative will deliver clean, renewable energy throughout our community.

Our businesses are showing that it is not only possible to implement model sustainable business practices, but it's also profitable.

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