Santa Monica Gets Aggressive with Climate Action

December 26, 2017 9:33 AM
by Andrew Basmajian

As we celebrate the holidays and tidy up our affairs for year’s end there is no escaping some hard-hitting realities – we are dry, and in December we are fighting record breaking fires burning wide swaths of coastal counties just miles from us. In fact, these conditions were predicted as our climate’s new normal in past studies and a new study, released this month by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, show that the unprecedented and radical changes happening in the Arctic will dry California out even further into the long-term.  Not a great way to end the year.  

What would Santa Monica do?  Plan, educate and engage!     
What’s the plan?  Three key sustainability priorities are in the forefront of the effort to align in the fight against climate change:

Water Self-Sufficiency by 2020

Zero Waste by 2030

Climate Action and Adaptation by 2050

Collectively, the measures will bring dramatic new efficiencies to our built environment, green the power we all use, move us faster and in many ways with an electrified transportation infrastructure, and promote lifestyles and support businesses in achieving a zero waste community.   

How can you get educated on climate action? 
The City's Office of Sustainability and the Environment brings people together in forums, screenings, summits and even festivals.  On Saturday, January 6, 2018 OSE is hosting a screening of An Inconvenient Sequel, a follow-up to the legendary documentary An Inconvenient Truth at the Aero Theater, followed by a moderated discussion with Vice President Al Gore himself.   

There are limited seats available for the Aero Theater screening of An Inconvenient Sequel on Eventbrite. If you don't land one of the limited seats, you can livestream the Q&A with Al Gore on City of Santa Monica Government's Facebook

On May 19, 2018, Santa Monica will celebrate Climate Fest, a community effort to bring individuals, non-profits, businesses and the City of Santa Monica together into one free thinking and learning space for a day, with activities for all ages.   

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Oh, and Happy New Year!    

Authored By

Andrew Basmajian
Sustainable Outreach Coordinator