Santa Monica Kicks Off Shared Mobility Pilot Program

October 11, 2018
by Kyle Kozar

Santa Monica Kicks Off Shared Mobility Pilot Program

This article originally appeared in the October edition of Seascape

The City of Santa Monica has selected Bird, Jump, Lime and Lyft as the four operators to participate in the City's pilot program set to kick off on September 17, 2018. This pilot program builds upon the City's existing Breeze Bike Share system, and expands Santa Monica’s commitment to be a truly multi-modal community that offers residents and visitors a variety of sustainable and convenient transportation options.

Each of the four selected operators will begin the pilot with an initial allocation of 750 devices each, totaling 1,000 e-bikes and 2,000 e-scooters.

E-SCOOTERS 750 250 750 250
E-BIKES 0 500 0 500
TOTAL DEVICES 750 750 750 750

These devices will complement Santa Monica’s existing network of human-powered Breeze bikes. Operated by CycleHop, Breeze has a fleet of 500 bikes throughout the community.

The pilot program has been designed to develop an effective model to regulate these new shared transportation options to ensure compliance with applicable laws while promoting health and safety. It is part of the City Council’s strategic goal to promote a multi-modal city and pairs with the Council’s adoption of innovative Vision Zero approaches, to ensure public safety and work to eliminate roadway collisions.

“The selected companies bring a wide range of local, national and international experience that will contribute to a comprehensive and informative pilot program,” said Director of Planning and Community Development David Martin. “The City looks forward to working closely with each of these operators to identify innovative solutions that help create a viable, well-operated, long-term shared mobility program in Santa Monica.”

For more information about Santa Monica’s shared mobility program or the selection process, visit

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