Santa Monica Rent Control Board Releases 2021 Annual Report

April 14, 2022 2:51 PM
by Daniel J. Costello

The Santa Monica Rent Control Board has released its 2021 Annual Report summarizing developments during the year and presenting detailed information about the status of controlled rental housing in Santa Monica. The report includes a section on the impact of market-rate vacancy increases showing median rents for tenancies started last year by neighborhood and by unit size as compared to earlier years. Also included is information on the impact market-rate rents have had on housing affordability and the financial benefits of remaining in rent-controlled units over time. Another part of the report details the effects of the Ellis Act, which allows property owners to withdraw residential rental units from the housing supply. Major activities and statistical overviews are also provided for the agency’s Public Information, Hearings, and Legal departments.

Among the report’s notable findings are:

The complete 2021 Santa Monica Rent Control Board Annual Report is available at or here to view or download.

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Daniel J. Costello
Public Information Manager


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