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10 Reasons to Breeze as Santa Monica’s Bike Share Turns 1

November 9, 2016 12:48 PM
by Kyle Kozar

10 Reasons to Breeze as Santa Monica’s Bike Share Turns 1

On November 12, Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share presented by hulu celebrates its first birthday. Breeze was the first bike share to launch in L.A. County and it now has nearly 43,000 subscribers. If you’ve been looking for reasons to hop on a green bike, here are 10 on why now’s the time.


10. Who needs a gym membership when you live in Santa Monica?

Biking is a great form of exercise. And with the built-in activity tracker, you can count the calories you’ve burned on every ride through our Social Bicycle (SoBi) app.


9. Skip the parking hassle.

Parking is painful. With almost 90 hubs where you can end your ride, Breeze lets you park for free all around town. In a rush or just want to get closer to your final destination? You can even lock up out-of-hub at any bike rack for a minor $2 convenience fee. Thanks, u-bar (that’s the lock)!


8.Get credit for bringing out-of-hub bikes back to hubs.

So you locked up out-of-hub. Did you know that for every out-of-hub bike you take back to a station, you get $1 in credit?  Use that credit to pay for your monthly or annual account or to lock out-of-hub guilt free!


6.Good for Santa Monica, good for you.

Biking is an eco-friendly way to get around. Give your car (and those exhaust fumes) a break by using your own pedal power. Every mile you bike instead of drive reduces your carbon footprint by .9lbs of carbon. That adds up!


6.Make your commute a Breeze.

Live and work in Santa Monica? Breeze makes it easy to get around town. Breeze past traffic downtown and enjoy the 100+ miles of bike lanes Santa Monica has to offer.


5. It makes for a great date night!

Biking lets you see the world in a whole new way, and you can rent up to six bikes with one account. Double date, anyone?


4. Feel the wind in your hair.

Sometimes a bike ride is all you need to de-stress after a long day (or even mid-day!). 90 minutes of daily ride time with Monthly, Annual, and Student plans means you can easily take a ride down the bike path without going into overtime.


3. Buy local, bike local.

Take Breeze out for a spin to support local businesses near you. Bike share makes it easy to explore business districts like Main Street, Pico, or Montana car free.


2. Breeze benefits you  

Breeze is partnering with local businesses and bike shops to bring you special discounts at Santa Monica businesses. Are you a local business owner? Join the list of benefits today by contacting


1. Be a part of the evolution.

Over 40,000 subscribers have joined Breeze - don’t miss out on the action! Join our family of eco-friendly, bike-friendly, Santa Monica-friendly Breezers.


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