History Spotlight: The Historic Horatio West Court

June 13, 2019
by Miranda Iglesias

History Spotlight: The Historic Horatio West Court

The History Spotlight focuses on the landmarks, residents and stories that have shaped Santa Monica into what it is today. Content is being produced in partnership with the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica Landmarks CommissionSanta Monica History Museum and the Santa Monica Daily Press.

The article below originally appeared in the Santa Monica Daily Press on June 10, 2019.

Horatio West Court

140 Hollister Avenue

Built 1919, designated 1979

This is one of the finest remaining examples of architect Irving Gill’s work in the field of social housing, as it shows Gill’s interest in designing affordable alternatives to the single-family home. Gill used the courtyard as a transitional space between the street and the building interiors, and the configuration exemplifies the bungalow court typology. Gill’s work was influenced by the region’s Spanish Colonial Revival and Mission Revival styles.  Abstracting elements of these styles, his designs were modern interpretations of these more traditional forms. In doing so, Gill became a pivotal figure in California Modernism. The court was restored in the 1970s. Horatio West Court has been recognized on the National Register of Historic Places since 1977.

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