The Wellbeing Project: Fitbit Partnership Update

January 18, 2018
by Lisa Parson

The Wellbeing Project: Fitbit Partnership Update

The Office of Wellbeing recently kicked off an exciting pilot project. It’s aimed at addressing findings from the Wellbeing Index that revealed that more than 60% of our residents aren’t active for at least 20 minutes a day. Additionally, the Wellbeing Index revealed that residents in the 90404 zip code had the lowest rates of physical activity in the City. In light of that, the project team was able to worked with Fitbit to donate 200 Fitbit Altas, which were then distributed to residents of 90404 at a community event, free of charge!

We knew from wellbeing research that community connectedness is a key factor in improving health, addressing loneliness and reducing stress, so we gave out the Fitbits at a fun event designed to give people a chance to get to know their neighbors. We saw new walking groups being formed, phone numbers being exchanged and a sense of community growing. The data from the Fitbits will be used in a six-month research project that will help us better understand the health and activity levels of our residents, as well as what gets people outside and moving.

Here’s what we’re hearing from residents about their experience with the Fitbit Pilot Project:

“I look at it as a way of tracking my physical activity, and possibly as a means of encouraging myself to engage in more exercise. My current exercise routine is sporadic, and I hope that if I’m monitoring it, I may be inclined to engage in more consistent activity.”

–Charles Hulbert

“In the time I have worn the Fitbit bracelet, I have walked more than ever. I am enjoying this change in me, as I now have the need to be on my feet.”

–Tina Grammatico

“I am interested in knowing how fit I am and where to improve. I feel the data collected can help others in the community.”

–Susan Sims Hillbrand

“It may sound corny, but I was intrigued by the idea of taking part in a study that was part of the greater Santa Monica community. I find it cutting-edge to be in a city that is so committed to the wellbeing of its residents.”

–Ari Hahyar

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