How Tourism Boosts Our Santa Monica Economy

July 10, 2018
by Constance Farrell

How Tourism Boosts Our Santa Monica Economy

As residents of Santa Monica, many of us celebrate how fortunate we are to live in a vibrant destination. The beachside city that we call home everyday entices travelers from around the world with friendly and engaging locals, stunning stretches of coastline, glorious year-round weather and a host of hotel properties, attractions, shops and eateries that allow visitors and our residents to soak up the healthy and relaxed Southern Californian lifestyle. One of the top reasons hotel guests choose to stay in Santa Monica is the ability to walk to activities and attractions of interest – 81 percent of overnight visitors do not drive once they reach our destination.

At Santa Monica Travel & Tourism (SMTT), our charge is to help maintain – and elevate – economic vitality in our beachside city. By strategically promoting Santa Monica as a world-class travel destination, we work to increase local employment opportunities, tourism revenues and visitor expenditures. 

Santa Monica is fortunate to boast a thriving and sustainable economy, and tourism continues to be one of the most significant local contributors. Visitor spending injected $1.96 billion into the City, generating 13,345 jobs that cannot be exported and $54 million into the City of Santa Monica’s general fund through the Transient Occupancy Tax. Our innovative marketing programs highlighting small businesses that depend on the mix of residents and visitors as well as the Santa Monica lifestyle, drive balanced demand. This helps the destination achieve a healthy annual average occupancy and average daily rates. 

Tourism helps residents of Santa Monica in many ways. For example, it is estimated that each Santa Monica household would need to pay an additional $1,379 in property taxes to maintain the same level of city services if tourism didn’t exist.


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