Welcome 2019!

January 9, 2019
by Erin Taylor

Welcome 2019!

This article originally appeared in the January edition of Seascape

The City of Santa Monica kicks off the new year with a continued commitment to a healthier community. Healthy communities start with programs and events that contribute to not just the physical health of its residents, but the mental and environmental health as well.

We hear all the time that as a society, we are less active than in the past, contributing to decreased physical health and wellness. By taking advantage of natural resources such as the many parks in the City, we can recognize benefits in many areas of health resulting in lower blood pressure, better weight control, reduced diabetes, and elevating our mood.

A positive outlook is just as important as good physical health. In fact, a positive outlook can actually contribute to good physical health. Many studies have shown that increased activity can help impact our mental wellbeing. Socializing with neighbors and reducing pollution (including noise pollution) are but two aspects of mental wellbeing that can go a long way toward a happier, healthier life. Helping one’s neighbors has multiple benefits, too. The giver benefits as much as the receiver. Want to improve your outlook? Look for ways to get involved in your neighborhood.

Becoming more active contributes to increased health and mental benefits, and a clean environment is just as important. In fact, a clean environment can actually encourage physical activity. By keeping our parks, local streets and beaches clean, we’re encouraged to go out and enjoy nature. Clean streets and neighborhoods can also help to decrease stress and calm our mood. See our related article in this issue on how street sweeping helps keep our City beautiful.

This first issue of the new year is dedicated to highlighting many of the opportunities in Santa Monica for individuals and families to get out and enjoy our city. We want all our residents to enjoy increased health, moods and more positive outlooks in this coming year.

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