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Business Reopenings & Closures

Business Operations Update

Visit LA County's Roadmap to Recovery website ( for the latest on the reopening of businesses, including frequently asked questions. These decisions are made at the County and State level, and not by the City of Santa Monica. Where the two conflict, the City will follow whichever guidance is stricter. 

All businesses must adhere to mandatory public health protocols at (look under "Protocols for Reopening".)

The following sectors and program will be allowed to reopen on the following dates under the following restrictions:

  • Nail Salons - October 1 - Indoor services may resume at 25% capacity. Outdoor services should continue as much as possible.
  • Schools (TK-2) Waiver Program - Applications can be submitted on October 5 - Limited to 30 schools per week.
  • Cardrooms - October 5 - Outdoor operations only. Food and beverages may not be served at the tables.
  • Indoor Shopping Malls - October 7 - Occupancy limited to 25% capacity; all food courts and all common areas remain closed.
  • Outside Playgrounds - Learn more.

Refer to for the latest health order and operating guidance.

Public Health is consulting with County Counsel to determine the process and date for re-opening outdoor operations at breweries and wineries serving a meal. We anticipate this process will be completed in a week.

Effective July 20, limited personal care services, including barbering services, may be performed outside under strict public health guidelines. You will need to apply for a Temporary Use of Outdoor Space permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can nail salons operate indoors?

As of October 1stnail salons may reopen for indoor services, limited at 25 percent occupancy. Nail salons are encouraged to continue to offer services outdoors, where the air circulation is better and there is lower risk of disease transmission. You must adhere to Appendix H: Reopening Protocol for Hair Salons, Barbershops and Nail Salons.

Can breweries and wineries open?

Yes, and they may offer sit-down dining with a permitted caterer, restaurant, or food truck. Alcohol must be purchased in the same transaction as a bonafide meal. Reservations are required, and physical distancing measures are in place. Customerse must wear cloth face coverings whenever not eating or drinking.

  • To see the Health Officer Order for Breweries and Wineries click here.
  • To see the Protocol for Breweries and Wineries click here.

Can Personal Care Establishments - such as hair salons, barber shops, and nail parlors - operate outdoors?

Barbering and cosmetology services can apply for temporary use permits to operate outdoors.

Businesses should also review the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology's statement explaining that certain barbering and cosmetology services may take place outdoors and linking to other mandatory guidance on offering such services. This includes a memo that further explains what services may take place outdoors and the locations where it can take place as well as an outdoor services checklist. The memo explains that the following services may not be done outside:

  • All chemical hair services including, but not limited to, permanent waving, relaxing, bleaching, tinting, coloring, dyeing and straightening;
  • Shampooing; and
  • Electrolysis

In addition, the State’s Guidance on Personal Care Services (here) provides that electrology, tattooing, and piercing must not be done outdoors.

Can Fitness Centers offer classes outdoors?

Yes, but you may need a permit. 

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Updated October 10, 2020

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