Competitive Bidding Thresholds

The City's Municipal Code Section 2.24 sets purchasing thresholds for professional and contractual services, as defined below: 


Professional services contain an element of specialized expertise, training in a professional field, or licensed practitioner, for example, an auditor, attorney, doctor, architect, engineer, land surveyor, construction project manager, appraiser, or expert. This type of service usually requires a State of California license or Certification and special insurance requiring errors and omissions provisions. 

Informal Proposal: $25,000-$95,000

Formal Request for Proposal & Council Authorization: >$95,000


Goods: Material items purchased and used as a product or to operate or maintain a departmental function. Item that is incorporated or consumed in performing a contract. 

Contractual Services: Routine, non-technical functions performed by vendors whose occupation is the rendering of such services. The labor and skill involved in contractual services are predominantly physical, manual, or routine; for example custodial services, temporary agency services, security services, landscape maintenance services, parking operation services, recreation program services, printing services, telecommunication services, trades services (plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.) and bus maintenance and refurbishment services. Individuals or firms providing contractual services often do not hold professional licenses and are required to be covered by commercial general liability and workers' compensation insurance only. 

Informal Bid: $25,000-$250,000

Formal Request for Bid & Council Authorization: >$250,000