Citywide Santa Monica Curfew is in Effect at 2:00 p.m. on June 2nd through 5:30 a.m. June 3rd. 

COVID-19 - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions regarding the City of Santa Monica’s emergency preparedness efforts and local response to the coronavirus. The L.A. County Department of Public Health has FAQs available on their site along with resources for employers and schools in multiple languages. 

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Construction Street Cleaning, Trash & Recycling Transportation & Parking Businesses Youth & Families


Does the requirement for wearing cloth face coverings extend to shared common spaces within an apartment complex? 

Yes.  Los Angeles County has issued guidance for multifamily residents that makes clear that all “employees, building occupants, and visitors are to practice physical distancing and use cloth face coverings while in shared common spaces and public areas of the complex if they will be in contact with others.” View the Los Angeles County Guidance


Is construction permitted?

Yes, all types of construction are currently permitted by the State and County Safer at Home Orders. However, construction sites must comply with the County's Guidance on Construction Sites and Santa Monica’s stronger order and regulations on construction projects. Failure to comply with the County's or the City's requirements may be subject to City enforcement, including potential stoppage of work.

For more information, look under ‘Construction’ on the Coronavirus Business Resources page.

I work at a construction site.  What can I do to create a safe work environment? 

Start with our COVID-19 Related Regulations for Construction Projects, which specifies procedures that all construction sites must follow to practice social distancing and properly clean worksites. These regulations incorporate the County’s Guidance and compliance is mandatory.

A summary of the regulations include:

  • Mandatory face coverings and personal protective equipment;
  • A Site Safety Representative must be present on the construction site at all times and monitor and implement recommended COVID-19 safety practices; 
  • A health and safety plan that addresses how each construction project will comply with the regulations is required
  • Mandatory daily  cleaning of the construction site, including frequently touched surfaces, common break areas, and cleaning of any shared tools or equipment before and after each shift; and 
  • Maintaining physical distancing of at least six feet between crew members, to the greatest extent feasible. 

Failure to adhere to these regulations could be subject to enforcement by the City, including significant penalties and potential stoppage of work.

If you have any questions, please email or call 310-458-8355. 

There is construction in my building, where workers are not complying with physical distancing or proper environmental cleaning practices. What should I do?

Per State and County orders, construction is permitted, but it needs to be done following important public health guidelines and in compliance with Santa Monica’s COVID-19 Related Regulations for Construction Projects. Our regulations build on the County's mandatory Guidance on Construction Sites. Among other things, our regulations require that areas within an occupied residential building that are accessed by construction workers but that are not within the actual construction project must be cleaned and sanitized at least twice daily, including following completion of work each day.

We are proactively reminding active projects in Santa Monica to abide by the health guidelines and are asking them to be a responsible neighbor during this public health emergency. Our local enforcement measures and regulations also allow the City’s Building Official to shut down work if these guidelines are not followed. To report a project you believe is out of compliance, contact Code Enforcement at or call (310) 458-4984.

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Street Cleaning, Trash and Recycling

Is street cleaning happening on schedule?  

Street sweeping in the beach parking lots and in the Downtown Santa Monica area will continue as regularly scheduled. Street sweeping will resume June 1, and will continue on a monthly schedule, beginning the first full week of every month. Follow posted street signs. We remain committed to keeping Santa Monica streets clean. If you need to report a maintenance issue, please use the City’s Santa Monica Works system on

Should I continue to place recyclable materials in the blue bin?

Yes. While some Material Recovery Facilities are currently sending recyclable materials to the landfill to protect their workers from COVID-19 infection, the City of Santa Monica is working to identify recyclers who have protective health measures in place for their workers and are able to continue recycling our materials.  During the current pandemic conditions, the City will continue to recycle materials to the maximum extent practicable.

When is street sweeping resuming?

Street sweeping will resume in all zones beginning June 1, 2020, once per month. Residents are encouraged to comply with posted signs for parking prohibitions for street sweeping during the days and times indicated, but only during the first full week of each month. Citations for parking violations based on street sweeping remain suspended.

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Transportation and Parking

Do I need to press the Pedestrian Request Button?

During COVID-19, you no longer need to press the pedestrian request button at signalized intersections. This will help flatten the curve and means that pedestrians will always have their turn to cross the street and reach essential destinations without endangering themselves and others.  Together, let’s create a safe and friendly Santa Monica.

Don't Press the Beg Button

Can I still park at the Santa Monica Beach Lots, and do I still need to pay?  

All Beach Lots, Pier Deck parking and Main Library parking are closed until June 30, unless further extended. The beach lots remain closed even though the beach has reopened active exercise and ocean activities.

Will street parking be enforced?

Beginning May 22, the City will resume enforcing preferential parking rules in Beach Zone 3. The suspension of preferential parking rules in other zones, street sweeping restrictions, and parking restrictions in green zones remain suspended through the end of the local emergency. Vehicle towing is suspended for abandoned vehicles, expired registration and delinquent parking citations. All other parking regulations, including yellow curb zone, time limit zones not within a residential preferential parking zone, and parking meter fees and regulations, are being enforced.

Will I be fined if my residential parking permits expires during this emergency? 

We realize many annual residential parking permits may lapse or new residents are unable to apply for permanent parking permits during the COVID-19 public health emergency. If your parking permit lapses, please continue to display your permit on your dashboard for the zone you are permitted to park in. The Santa Monica Police Department will not to ticket you as long as you are parking in your permitted zone. 

For people who can renew online, we highly encourage you to do this by visiting: 

Do I still need to pay at my parking meters?

You need to pay for parking at all Santa Monica parking meters or you may be fined. We are trying to encourage turn over in spaces for food delivery and and pick up.

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When can my business reopen?

The timeline for reopening non-essential businesses is set by the County Department of Public Health; regrettably Santa Monica cannot make any exceptions. Please look for information about your particular sector on these websites: 

If your sector is missing or you have further questions, you will need to contact the County directly. A good place to start is with County of LA Department of Consumer & Business Affairs Office of Small Business

The State, County, and local orders governing closure of businesses are enforceable by state and local authorities.  If you find a business that remains open that should be closed, please contact the COVID-19 Hotline or Code Enforcement at (310) 458-4984.

What is the City doing to help our local businesses recover from the impacts of COVID-19?

The City has launched a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Taskforce to advise city government as economic recovery efforts get underway. Learn more at:


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Youth and Families

Does the City have a roundup of resources for youth and families?

Yes, on the Youth and Families section of our Coronavirus Community Resources webpage.

I am an essential worker who needs emergency child care. Help!

The City recommends calling our early education partner Connections for Children for 1:1 referral assistance, an updated list of Santa Monica providers, and information about available subsidies at (310) 452-3325, ext. 260. 

Essential workers may also be eligible to receive funding to subsidize your child care. Learn more. 

Can child care remain open?  

Yes, alongside the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH), the City of Santa Monica encourages all early care and education (ECE) providers to remain open as long as the center or child care home can operate safely, according to both California Community Care Licensing and LACDPH guidelines.

I am a licensed childcare provider in Santa Monica who is open and taking more children. How can I let residents know?

Please add yourself to the City’s Essential Services Map here.  We also encourage all local businesses to sign up for free marketing support at Buy Local Santa Monica here (family childcare providers can list zip code only to keep your address confidential). 

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Parks and Beaches

When will the beach reopen?

The beach will reopen with restrictions on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, for active recreation only during daylight hours. Face coverings and maintaining physical distancing of at least 6 feet are required for all who wish to partake in active recreational activities on the beach when outside of the water and around non-household members. Santa Monica parking lots will remain closed but overpasses accessing the beach will be reopened. The Beach Bike Path and Santa Monica Pier will be closed, so those riding their bike down to the beach will need to lock it nearby.

Which active recreational activities are allowed?

Active recreational activities that are allowed include individual and family activities such as walking, running, surfing, and swimming.

Gatherings, picnicking, sunbathing, biking and volleyball are NOT allowed at this time. Chairs, canopies, tents, coolers, and picnicking are NOT allowed at this time.

Which areas of the beach are currently still closed?

To continue to protect the health and safety of the Santa Monica community and our neighbors, many restrictions remain and the following spaces remain closed:

  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Beach parking lots (except for resident beach parking permits) and adjacent parking meters
  • Beach playgrounds and athletic facilities (such as Muscle Beach)

Which activities and items are prohibited?

Biking, sunbathing, chairs, canopies, coolers, picnicking, sitting or lying on the sand, volleyball, group sports, gatherings, events, congregating with people outside of one’s own household, and being on the beach at night (the beach will only be open during daylight hours).

Do I still have to wear a face covering and maintain physical distancing on the beach?

Yes. Face coverings are required out of the water (except children under age 2 and children with breathing problems) and maintaining physical distancing of at least 6 feet are required for all who wish to partake in active recreational activities on the beach and outside of the water.

What is the City doing to prevent gatherings on the beach/parks?

While enforcement will focus on education and compliance to ensure the public’s health, the Santa Monica Police Department will be monitoring compliance and enforcing as needed in order to address public health risks, and the beach – and can issue citations for repeat violators of LA County orders.

Are residents/essential personnel allowed to park in the parking lots?

Residents of Santa Monica who live in the area of the beach and who hold residential parking permits for the relevant lots will be permitted to park, as will essential personnel. No one else is allowed to park in the parking lots as the beach parking lots remain closed.

Will the parking meter restrictions that were near the beach (Ocean Ave., Bay St.) resume?

Yes, adjacent parking to the beach will be restricted. Please watch the City’s social media accounts for ongoing updates.

Will Ocean Front Walk reopen?

Yes. Ocean Front Walk will be reopening as of May 13.

Are parks closed?

Palisades Park is reopening May 15.  been temporarily closed through May 15. Residents are encouraged to take a walk near their home, ensuring 6 feet of distance between them and others and are encouraged to wear a face covering.

The Essential Services Map has more detail on open or closed sites. 

This helpful graphic breaks down the Do's and Don'ts when Visiting Parks (download)

Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Parks

Are the Santa Monica stairs closed?  

Yes. For the health and safety of all, all residents and visitors are advised to avoid the Santa Monica stairs to protect themselves and others. City officials urge the region to stay at home and physically distance in public spaces. Residents are encouraged to take a walk near their home to ensure 6 feet of distance between them and others and are encouraged to wear a face covering.

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