Design for Digital First

Implement digital signatures for internal and external documents.

City processes use digital signatures for internal and external transactions. As an enhancement to the existing Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan, the City has implemented a citywide paperless workplace initiative. As defined, a paperless workplace is a work environment in which the use of paper, such as reports, memorandums, contracts, and even business forms, are eliminated or significantly reduced. The City can achieve this goal by converting documents and other papers into digital form and by allowing, the public and staff members to fill out and sign those forms electronically. The City implemented an electronic signature system to facilitate this aspect of the paperless workplace initiative in an efficient and secure way. This metric tracks progress on a number of documents digitally signed and processes utilizing digital signatures.


Staff time saved by processes utilizing digital signatures

This metric tracks staff time saved by converting paper-based processes to electronic forms and by signing documents electronically using eSignature tools.  Processes include;

Time Period Metric Value
July 2018 - April 2021 122,600 hours