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May 31 Property Damage Business Resources

The City of Santa Monica Economic Recovery Task Force has compiled these resources for business owners impacted by the civil unrest on Sunday, May 31.

For Businesses Impacted by Civil Unrest

SBA Disaster Recovery Loans For Businesses Affected by Civil Unrest

File Police Report for Vandalism or Looting

Fee Waivers and & Expedited Permits for Repairs

  • Permit and plan review fees for "Civil Unrest" permits will be waived (free) for applications submitted by August 4, 2020.   
  • Civil unrest repair permits may get a waiver from ARB or Landmarks review provided replacements with like materials. >>Repair FAQs

Price Gouging for Construction Repairs is not allowed

List of Emergency Orders related to May 31

Disaster Relief Property Tax Reduction (LA County)

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Property Damage Repairs FAQs

Clean Up

Who should I contact to remove graffiti?  

  • Call the City’s Graffiti Hotline at (310) 458-2231 or email to report graffiti. Graffiti on public property (bus benches, trash dumpsters, etc.) or on private property (with a signed waiver) can be removed by the City’s graffiti removal team. 

Who can help with emergency window and glass repair?

Pulling Civil Unrest Permit for Repairs

What types of repairs require a building permit?


  • The replacement of window glass, which does not include the repair, alteration, or replacement of the window frame.  
  • Reconfiguration and replacement of damaged interior shelving and/or counters as long as they do not exceed 5' 9" in height. 
  • Finish work (painting, papering, texture coating).  


  • The repair/replacement of doors and glass storefronts, and the alteration of any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems or fixtures.  

More at:

What is a Civil Unrest Express permit - and how can it help me?

Impacted businesses can apply for a FREE, same-day, paperless Civil Unrest express permit at

The types of projects that are eligible for the express permit are: 

  • Work to solely repair damage directly associated with the civil unrest of May 30, 2020; 
  • Repair work that consists of the replacement of existing materials with like materials of comparable quality, texture, and craftsmanship; and 
  • Repair work on a building that is not a City-Designated Historic Resource 

Projects that do not qualify for an express permit shall obtain a building permit through the normal building permit process; however, review of projects related to the civil unrest will be given priority processing. For assistance with obtaining City building permits, contact 310.458.8355 or 

Exceptions to Architectural Review Board (ARB) or Landmarks Commission Approval

Will I be required to submit my permit application through ARB or Landmarks in order to repair my storefront?

The answer is generally no; Civil unrest repair permits do not need approval by the Architectural Review Board or the Landmarks Commission. For more details, click here. 

Securing My Business

Can I secure my building in the interim while I obtain a building permit?  

Yes, structures damaged in the civil unrest may be temporarily boarded up and secured until funding is secured and City approvals are obtained.  

What are the City’s requirements for installing storefront security gates? 

A building permit is required to install, repair, and replace security gates. The installation of security gates is permitted on the interior only behind any storefront glass. 

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Free Assistance for Small Businesses

Small Business Development Development Center

  • Email
  • Phone: (310) 225-8277
  • Website
  • Services include:
    • Assistance with filing insurance claims, inventory/stock control, guidance to rebuild supply chains, business security guidance, access to capital, crowdfunding, social media, business planning and recovery, cash flow analysis, and accounting issues

California Department of Insurance

  • Phone: (800) 927-4357
  • Website
  • Services include: Tips for filing claims and helping businesses work with their insurers to achieve a fair settlement.

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