A Watercolor Journey with Timothy Kitz

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sundays 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/31 (note the gap between the last two dates) Series: $100.00 + $60 cash material fee, $35 cash drop-in (please bring exact change!) Join watercolorist and urban sketcher Timothy Kitz in a 6-week immersive watercolor course, open to all levels and drop-ins welcome. Timothy will share tips about both medium and technique while going through weekly demo exercises to hone your compositional vision, principles of color values, color mixing and brush work. The gorgeous views framed by the Art Lab?s picture windows overlooking the ocean will provide ongoing inspiration.

Classes feature in-depth watercolor instruction with an emphasis on representational scene painting and ?en plein air? techniques, as well as delvings into the artistic legacy of watercolor practice. Timothy conveys an appreciation for this unique medium, its fluidity, spontaneity, simplicity of form and the complexities of proper application.

All basic materials will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own brushes, palettes and nontoxic colors.

More materials detail:
Although basic shared equipment is included in this class, you are encouraged to bring your own easel rigs, brushes and color palettes. Paper will be provided but students are encouraged to bring what paper they prefer. The instructor will let you know what paper is required for each week's exercise; if you are dropping in, please bring 1-2 sheets of cold-press 140 lb. 11'x14 watercolor paper and a bound or ringed sketch pad of 90 lbs. paper of any size for exterior journaling.

The curriculum will cover:
Medium and Materials: Watercolor paint, palette, brushes and paper used and the importance of building a working process that is ergonomic and efficient.

Composition: The fundamentals of composing a pleasing picture: compositional forms, vanishing point fundamentals, the Rule of Thirds etc.

Drawing: The importance of learning to accurately render the scene or image for placement in the painting; architectural perspective, rendering styles, the human form, the discipline of regular sketching and visual journaling.

Brush Work: The application of paint to the paper in watercolor. A thorough explanation of brush types and sizes their appropriate use, effects and the subtleties of individual calligraphy.

Value and Color Theory: An explanation of the Color Wheel, the importance of Values, The layout and use of the Palette, as well as the Watercolor Vocabulary will be discussed.

En Plein air: Students will have opportunities in the relaxed and picturesque environment of the Palisades to paint an outdoor scene.

Beginners who enroll can use our watercolor workstations. Even if you have no watercolor equipment you can take part in this class!

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