Take the Friendly Road

In Santa Monica, more than half of us walk and bike daily and a third of our students walk to school. We know our neighbors, and wave hello at community gardens, bus stops, and farmers markets. We hang out at events like COAST and Kidical Mass. We look out for each other and pay attention in small—and big—ways, and it’s a big reason why so many of us love Santa Monica.

Today, with so many new ways to get around, it’s important that we continue to keep the wellbeing of everyone front and center. From supporting infrastructure projects and laws that keep us all safe, to putting our phones down and paying attention to others, we can create a safe and friendly Santa Monica. One day, one street, one gesture at a time.

Take the Friendly Road is an invitation to be part of our citywide commitment to zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads. Everyone can play a role in seeing this goal become a reality, and we see this work breaking out into at least three different categories: 


  • We are constantly evaluating the best ways to improve our roads so that all everyone feels safe and calm. The impact on people’s lives from these projects is significant: for example, protected bike lanes reduce injury to riders by 90% (source). 
  • This past July, the City approved 19 miles of green bike lanes, 39 bike signal detectors and 1,250 new bike racks, in addition to a major project along 17th St. and Michigan Ave. that will improve traffic flow and safety for everyone. Stay up on what’s happening here.


The Santa Monica Police Department plays a critical role in stopping risky behaviors like speeding, distraction, and not yielding to others. However, enforcement goes beyond traffic laws. SMPD also take on the responsibility of helping the community be safe in practical ways, especially through the support of crossing guards. Next time you see an officer, thank him or her for helping us all take the friendly road!


No matter what age you are or how you get around Santa Monica, we all need to know how to move about safely. Through community events and outreach, you can find out about new projects and laws that are designed to keep us all safe. For example, as new technologies in transportation develop, so does our need to create and enforce smart rules that safeguard human life throughout the city. To read up on the the rules of e-scooter safety, go here.


In the coming months, we want to bring more education and awareness out into every pocket of our community.  From putting out lawn signs to attending roundtable discussions, we want to involve you in bringing the Friendly Road to your family, community, and neighborhood. Please join us by signing up below. You’ll receive occasional updates and invitations to take action, along with the City of Santa Monica’s bi-weekly newsletter. 

Together, let’s create a safe—and friendly—Santa Monica for everyone.

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