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Strategic Themes and Goals

These are the foundational themes used to create a unifying vision for the City’s focus around digital technologies over the next 3 to 5 years.   

Each strategic theme has desired outcomes which describe what we are trying to achieve with this plan.  These outcomes are achieved through the successful completion of goals focused on the theme they are addressing.  These goals are actions that will contribute to meeting our objectives to deliver the Outcomes. 

Anywhere, Anytime, Secure 

The 24/7 provisioning of an array of highly networked and mobile technologies to achieve greater situational awareness to support public safety, mobility, and the customer experience. 


  • Foster a Healthy and Safe CommunityUse technology to support better health and safety interventions. Increase public trust and understanding of these services 
  • Enhance MobilityImprove and enhance access/transportation in/to our community. Help expand opportunities for people to use alternative forms of transportation. 
  • Strive to be Cloud First and Mobile AwareIncrease accessibility, reliability, and redundancy leveraging cloud-based services and mobile applicationsFacilitate robust connections and agile services.   


  • Support public safety services through mobile based technologies and data visualization and analysis. 
  • Use IoT and mobile technologies to better coordinate and sequence emergency response service activities. 
  • Leverage IoT and mobile technologies for transit planning, modeling, and mapping of pedestrian/vehicle behavior to improve transit options. 
  • Pursue a cloud first strategy for infrastructure to achieve, greater agility, lower cost, and higher resiliency. 
  • Develop and deploy context-aware mobile applications utilizing cloud computing and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies.

The Customer Experience 

The cumulative interaction/impact/relationship between a customer and the City consisting of three primary aspects: touchpoints, environments both physical and digital, and the customer journey. 


  • Share and Expand KnowledgeInform, engage, and educate to better facilitate the sharing of knowledge within the Santa Monica Community. 
  • Empower our Customers and StaffInform, engage, and educate to better facilitate the sharing of knowledge within the Santa Monica Community. 


  • Introduce self-service options to improve 24/7 support availability and decrease problem resolution time. 
  • Establish a data sharing and collaboration platform to support the use of data by the Santa Monica Community. 
  • Create a robust platform to support private/public partnerships focused on technology and innovation.

Data Driven Governance 

The creation, consumption, and analysis of existing and future data to generate insight, the application of this knowledge in support of better services for our staff, citizens, visitors, and businesses. 


  • Enhance Service Delivery - Provide an outstanding user experience while striving to increase the speed, quality, and efficacy of services. 
  • Foster a Data Culture - Create a culture and mindset for data analysis/application to enable insight and knowledge in support of improved services. 


  • Develop and implement a data training curriculum to impart data literacy and baseline data knowledge. 
  • Develop a centralized data repository that enables users to access data for more informed decisions. 
  • Create an identity and data management platform that allows users to create one secure and private City profile. 
  • Develop a catalog of data assets that allow staff to make better decisions and services. 

Digital by Default 

The transformation of all manner of analog/bit assets and processes to digital/byte resources. 


  • Design for Digital First - Transform paper-based processes into digital workflows and delivery to achieve nimble solutions, greater efficiencies, and increased productivity. 


  • Implement digital signatures for internal and external documents. 
  • Migrate paper-based processes to digital ecosystem that is user-friendly, effective, and efficient. 

Learning, Insight, Innovation 

The continuous use of data/information/knowledge/skills to support change/improvement/growth/innovation on individual and organization dimensions. 



  • Implement an enterprise learning management system that allows for continuous training and growth development. 
  • Create a clear, comprehensive "Smart City" definition and strategy that establishes Santa Monica as the leader and innovator in this area. 
  • Adopt a “10%” strategy where ISD employees are given protected time for training and growth. 
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