City of Santa Monica Technology Strategic Plan

Creating a digital experience that works for everyone.

Every city determines how to best use technology to benefit its citizens/businesses and empower its employees.  This is our plan for Santa Monica.  It describes our vision for technology and our commitment to the development of digital services that support an outstanding customer experience and services for everyone. Learn more.

Strategic Themes

The following five themes helped to focus our planning process:

Anywhere, Anytime, Secure

The 24/7 provisioning of an array of highly networked and mobile technologies to achieve greater situational awareness to support public safety, mobility, and the customer experience.

The Customer Experience

The cumulative interaction/impact/relationship between a customer and the City consisting of three primary aspects: touchpoints, environments both physical and digital, and the customer journey.

Data Driven Governance

The creation, consumption, and analysis of existing and future data to generate insight, the application of this knowledge in support of better services for our staff, citizens, visitors, and businesses.

Digital by Default

The transformation of all manner of analog/bit assets and processes to digital/byte resources.

Learning, Insight, Innovation

The continuous use of data/information/knowledge/skills to support change/improvement/growth/innovation on individual and organization dimensions.


Below are the nine strategic outcomes for technology. Scroll and click over an outcome to learn more. 

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