Outcome: Enhance Mobility 

Improve and enhance access/transportation in/to our community. Help expand opportunities for people to walk, bike, and use alternative forms of transportation.

GoalKey Performance IndicatorCity Outcome Area
Leverage IoT and mobile technologies for transit planning, modeling, and mapping of pedestrian/vehicle behavior to improve transit options. The community can access and use City data to inform mobility options. Place & Planet

More Information

This outcome is part of a the Anywhere, Anytime, Secure theme City of Santa Monica's IT Strategic Plan. More outcomes from this theme are available:

Foster a Healthy and Safe Community

Use technology to support better health and safety interventions. Increase public trust and understanding of these services.

Strive to be Cloud First and Mobile Aware

Increase accessibility, reliability, and redundancy through the use of cloud-based services and mobile applications. Facilitate more robust connections and agile services for our community.

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