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Main Street Al Fresco



The Main Street Al Fresco Project reimagines the way we use our streets, sidewalks, and curbside space to better support small businesses and active mobility. In partnership with the Main St Business Improvement Association and Ocean Park Association, the City repurposed travel lanes and converted parking spaces to allow businesses to temporarily launch outdoor dining, shopping, and recreation along the public right-of-way during the COVID-19 pandemic. From Pico Blvd to Pier Ave sidewalk extensions, parklets, private parking lots, and curb use were transformed as part of the City’s economic recovery  efforts  to safely reopen Santa Monica. 




Jacqui Swartz

Project Improvements and Elements

Bicycle, transit, and vehicle access is maintained for the entire corridor. Main St traffic lanes were restriped with a single vehicle and bike lane in each direction. Most street parking on the business corridor (from Hollister Ave to Pier Ave) has been temporarily eliminated. Parking lots behind Main St remain accessible, as well as private driveways.

  • Travel Lanes – center turn lane and parking lane repurposed for temporary outdoor space
  • Accessibility - bike lanes, bus zones and vehicle access maintained throughout project area
  • Signage - new signage installed to direct people to public parking lots beetween Main St and Neilson Way
  • Art Installation - through the Art of Recovery grant, local artists were selected to paint murals onto the traffic barriers

Above: The center turn lane was removed and the bike lane was shifted to create space for businesses to move operations outdoors. 


Above: Artists brightening up the traffic barriers with farmers market inspired paintings.

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Presentations & Milestones

Main Street Al Fresco Evaluation Summary - March 2021

Main Street Business Improvement Association - June 9, 2020

Ocean Park Association Presentation - June 12, 2020

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