Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 is located in the northeast area of the city and is home to two paramedic-staffed fire engines, 3 and 4. Station 3 crews respond to all fire and life safety emergencies in their district, including medical emergencies. Every fire engine company in the city is equipped to respond as an all-hazard response unit, meaning they can mitigate emergencies involving motor vehicle crashes, hazardous materials incidents, elevator rescues, heart attacks, fires, and just about any life-threatening situation you can think of.    

Fire Station 3 entered service on November 10, 1971. Though Station 3 consolidated the prior Firehouses 3 and 4, it still houses two fire engines today, known as Engine 3 and Engine 4. Due to this history, there is no Fire Station 4, though there is a Fire Station 5, and 7.

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