City Files Motion to Facilitate November 2020 Council Election

April 29, 2019

City Files Motion to Facilitate November 2020 Council Election

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Today, the City of Santa Monica filed a motion requesting that the California Court of Appeal grant calendar preference to the City’s appeal from the trial court’s order in Pico Neighborhood Association, et al. v. City of Santa Monica. The City requested that the Court set an expedited briefing and argument schedule that would result in a decision by July 10, 2020

The City sought this expedited briefing schedule to allow the November 2020 Council election to proceed “with both candidates and voters confident that the method under which it is conducted is legally valid, that all votes matter, and that the candidates elected will be able to serve out their terms.”  As the City explained in its motion, to “maximize voter turnout, maintain the expected regular opportunity for voters to select their Council members, and minimize disruption to City government, the City would prefer to hold its next election – whether at-large or district-based – on the next regular election date, in November 2020,” which is when the terms of the four Council members elected in 2016 (a majority of the Council) will expire. 

The Court of Appeal previously confirmed that the portions of the trial court’s order requiring the City to hold earlier district-based Council elections are stayed pending appeal.  As a result of this ruling, while the appeal is pending, the current Council members will remain in place, and the City will not be required to conduct district-based elections.  

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