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OIR Group Selected to Lead May 31 After Action Report

October 9, 2020 11:53 AM

OIR Group Selected to Lead May 31 After Action Report

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Today, the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office announced the selection of OIR Group to lead an after-action review for the events of May 31, 2020. At its August 25, 2020 meeting, the Santa Monica City Council directed staff to “retain an individual or entity with the required professional expertise to prepare an independent after action report and evaluation regarding the events leading to, during, and following May 31, 2020.” This followed previous Council direction on June 9, 2020 calling for the Santa Monica Police Department to lead an after action review and was further modified on June 23 when Council directed the City Attorney to retain an outside entity to review the after-action review conducted by the SMPD and conduct an independent investigation.

OIR Group brings approximately two decades of experience and expertise in oversight of law enforcement practices and activities, including preparation of after-action reports. They were given lead responsibility by the City of Los Angeles’ Office of Inspector General to investigate the controversial, large-scale use of force by LAPD officers during the 2001 May Day incident in MacArthur Park.

The solicitation for the after action review was posted on September 9. As set out in the solicitation, the scope of work includes the following:

  1. a written narrative of facts regarding those events as determined by the selected firm based on its independent review; and
  2. an independent evaluation of, and recommendations regarding, the City’s response to those events, including in particular the response by the SMPD, SMPD Chief, Interim City Manager, and City Council.  The firm selected will be responsible for presenting the independent after action report and evaluation to the City Council, including answering questions regarding the report and evaluation at a public meeting of the City Council. 

OIR Group will complete the independent after action report and evaluation on an expedited timeline with the goal of having a final written report and evaluation within 180 days. The timeline can be extended if OIR Group determines that additional time is necessary for it to complete a thorough independent report and evaluation.

The project contract will not exceed $75,000.

Regular updates on the progress of the after action report will be shared at

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