How to Get a Temporary No Parking Sign

Temporary No Parking Signs are issued to residents and businesses for the purpose of reserving on-street parking spaces, when off-street parking or loading spaces are not large enough. Construction activity or immovable objects like moving PODS or dumpsters must contact Public Works ( for a Use of Public Property Permit in lieu of the process outlined below.

To reserve space for your vehicle, the following steps must be completed no less than 24 hours before the start time of your reservation.

Please note City Hall hours of operation are from 8am-5pm weekdays. Our offices are closed every other Friday, weekends and holidays. Check our calendar regarding alternating Friday closures or our City Hall websitefor holiday closures this week. Those interested in submitting an in-person application must schedule an appointment using our online booking portal. Instructions can be found here.

Continue the Process:
  1. Download the Application

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    Download and fill out the Temporary No Parking Sign application here

  2. Submit the Application

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    Email the required documents and completed application form to

  3. City Staff Review

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    City Staff will review the information and provide instructions for next steps via email during regular City Hall hours listed above. Be sure to promptly review and respond to ensure timely issuance of your signs. 

  4. Make a Payment

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    All payments are made online using Citizens Access payment service. City staff will provide payment instructions to you once the application is processed. At that time you may pay remotely or at City Hall East using publicly available computers. Please contact Transportation Planning once payment is complete.

  5. Pick Up Signs at City Hall

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    Once approved, you will need to bring a physical copy of the approved permit to City Hall East Entrance (323 Olympic Drive, Santa Monica, CA 90401) to pick up the signs. 

  6. Post the Signs

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    You must post the signs at the approved curbside location following the City's Posting Guidelines

  7. Traffic Services Inspection

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    Call the Traffic Services for inspection between 72 to 24 hours in advance of the reservation start time. Signage inspections conducted with less than 24 hours until the reservation start time will not be enforceable.

    310.458.8466 x 4 (9 AM – 6 PM daily) or 310.458.8491 (24 hours/day)

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