How to Get an Offsite Improvement Permit

An Offsite Improvement Permit is required if you are replacing, installing, or altering a:

  • Curb, including curb drain
  • Gutter
  • Sidewalk
  • Street
  • Alley

Offsite improvements may be required in connection with other development or construction activities occurring on adjacent parcels. For example:

  1. A Public Works Inspector may require offsite improvements as a condition of finalizing a Building Permit (BLD). The offsite improvements covered under this permit are typically marked out in the field by the Public Works Inspector mainly due to offsite infrastructure damage (i.e. curb, gutter, sidewalk, street and alley damage) caused by the on-site construction or continuity with on-site construction and is required at a smaller scale that wouldn't require engineering analysis. The Public Works Inspector would make this determination out in the field before final BLD sign off.  
  2. Some of the larger developments (such as mixed-use or major commercial/residential developments) would require engineered offsite improvements to design, upgrade and construct new infrastructure such as new or upgraded City utilities (such as water, sewer or storm drain main lines), repave a City street or an alley, install new sidewalk along the property frontage, and installation of new or upgrade of existing City street lights. A developer would be required to design and construct such improvements. Typically, these engineered offsite improvements would be reviewed and approved (on separate City plans) concurrently with the building permit process approvals (BLD permit) and constructed prior to obtaining the final certificate of occupancy. See "Plan Check Guidelines and Requirements" page for more information on Engineered Offsite Improvement Plan requirements.
Continue the Process:

How to Apply for an Offsite Improvement Permit

  1. Schedule a Meeting with the Public Works Inspector

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    Schedule a mark-out appointment with the City Public Works Inspector, Phil McIvor at 424-744-0825 or email at  The PW Inspector will provide the Contractor with a mark-out sheet for delineating the quantities of the improvements (i.e. new or remove and replace driveway, curb and gutter, sidewalk, etc.) and what is to be permitted.

  2. After site meeting with PW Inspector

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    Once the site meeting with PW Inspector concludes, please email the following documents to 

    • Signed mark-out sheet by the PW Inspector.
    • Location/Address of the improvements
    • Contractor proof of insurance. Click here for the City's insurance requirements. Click here for a sample certificate of insurance.
    • Contractor information to be included in email (valid CSLB license number, Contractor Business Name, Name of Contractor, Contact Information)
    • A valid City business license

    This inbox is monitored Monday through Thursday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.  Please do not send multiple emails regarding your inquiry; staff process all emails in the order received and will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. 

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