How to Look Up a Rent

The Rent Control Agency maintains a database of the Maximum Allowable Rent (MAR) that may be charged for each controlled unit. In most cases, MARs are based on the initial rent for each new tenancy as reported by current or past property owners. The amount shown is the current MAR for the unit, updated nightly, which includes applicable annual general adjustments. For tenancies beginning on or after January 1, 1999, the date of tenancy is provided as reference.

Although we strive to provide information that is accurate, reliable, and complete, information in this program may not be up-to-date due to a change in tenancy or the issuance of a decision by the Rent Control Board or a hearing officer. Necessarily, there may be delays between when those changes occur and when the MAR is uploaded to this program. As tenancy information registered by owners has not been independently verified, the information is provided as a convenience only. The information is not legally binding on landlords, tenants, or us. The MARs listed presume the owner is in compliance with the Rent control Charter Amendment (Article XVIII of the City Charter) and the Rent Control Regulations promulgated thereunder.

In addition to these MARs, a tenant's rent can include applicable Rent Control registration fees, and for tenancies that began before March 1, 2018 only and on properties not sold or reassessed since then, surcharges based on the owner's property tax bill.

Some rental units are temporarily exempt from the rent control law. Because this page is for the lookup of MARs for controlled units, a $0 MAR in most cases is used to indicate an exempt unit. For details on a unit's status, please call us and ask to speak with and information coordinator or analyst.

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  2. Enter the property address.

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    In the fields provided, enter the street number and the street name. Be sure to enter the address as shown in the examples below. Do not enter a period after the abbreviation of the street name. Be sure to enter numeric street names as ordinal numbers. For example, enter "6th", not "06" or "6" Street.


    624                                   Lincoln Blvd

    2012                                 10th St