Vending Safely in Santa Monica

Santa Monica was one of the first cities in the state to develop a permitted vending program. Our comprehensive program that has allowed permitted or licensed vendors to operate for over 30 years includes permitting processes and parameters for safe vending, and today over 150 vendors are legally permitted to vend in our city. In 2018, the state law changed with the “Safe Sidewalk Vending Act” (SB 946) to provide important entrepreneurship and economic opportunities to low-income and immigrant communities. 

State and local laws guide safe vending practices and standards in Santa Monica. This page introduces the different opportunities and the pathway to legally vend in Santa Monica, explains enforcement and outreach efforts, and answers your frequently asked questions. All vendors need a City of Santa Monica business license and if applicable, a vending permit to sell any items in the City, and vendors selling food must also obtain and display a Los Angeles County Department of Public Health permit. The permit requirements reflect Santa Monica’s commitment to balancing public health and safety with expanding opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs.