A Clearer Picture with the Citywide Dashboard

April 4, 2019
by Tim Dodd

A Clearer Picture with the Citywide Dashboard

A version of this article originally appeared in the April/May edition of Seascape

In early April, Santa Monica will launch the Citywide Dashboard, which is designed to provide transparency in the City’s efforts to use data to drive decisions to achieve community outcomes.

Starting in 2017, the City began organizing work efforts around outcomes in the strategic vision for our City called our “Framework for a Sustainable City of Wellbeing.” The Framework outcomes are: Connected and Engaged Community (Community); Inclusive, Affordable and Diverse Local Economy (Economic Opportunity); Reliable, Effective and Efficient Government (Governance); Physical, Mental and Environmental Health (Health); Lifelong Opportunities for Personal Growth (Learning); Resilient Built and Natural Environment (Place and Planet); A Safe Place for All (Safety). Each of these seven outcomes includes outcome metrics, all backed by current and relevant data, to help us understand whether we are on track to achieve these outcomes.

The Citywide Dashboard will be organized around Framework outcomes and provide data and contextual information, such as additional data sets and narratives, to explain our work efforts to achieve these important outcomes. Look for this exciting development at smgov.net/framework in early April!

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